China’s Vast Array of Military and Intelligence Networks

Throughout the Last Democratic Fiefdom


© 2009 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


The militarization of Canada has many facets.   One of them was the injection of some one million Chinese military and intelligence personnel in the country.  Another consists of government, the largest corporations and the nation’s richest families helping to embed them into the fabric of Canadian society. 


Another is the vast network of private associations and organizations that serve as (i) meeting places to synergistically bond, (ii) environments to exchange national and economic security sensitive information with each other and the country’s political and corporate leaders or their representatives and (iii) to share small and large successes in generating pain, suffering, loss and death and preventing reform, accountability and demilitarization from being successful. 


In Submission One the following was stated:


Canada has a extra and suspiciously large number of organizations dedicated to helping the Chinese military secretly help settle newly arrived Chinese agents; introduce and link them to those who have already emigrated here and plug them into China’s Canada-established military organization and our country’s security apparatus.  National organizations, fronts for the Chinese military, include the Canada China Business Council and Parliament’s Canada-China Legislative Association. There are some 324 organizations that cater to the Chinese in the country. 


The federal government removed the list of these associations from the Internet.  Here is that list:


Alberta Chinese Community Congress

Alberta Chinese Cultural Society of Edmonton

Alberta Fukienese Association

Alberta Hai Quang Ninh Community Association

Alberta Kaiping District Association

Alberta Kwan Ying Athletic Club

Alumni Association Of School For Overseas Chinese Students In China

Amite Chinsoise

Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada

Asia Pacific Accord of Canada

Assist Community Services Center

Association Chao Chaw du Québec Canada

Association chinoise des aînés

Association des bénévoles Huagaung

Association chinoise du Cambodie au Canada

Association Wong Wun Sun

Beijing Association of Canada

Bejing Friendship Association of Canada

Buddhism Enrichment & Community Service Center of Alberta

Calgary Chinatown Arts Society

Calgary Chinese Canadian for China Reunification

Calgary Chinese Cultural Society

Calgary Chinese Cultural Society Chinese Language School

Calgary Chinese Freemasons

Calgary Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club

Calgary Chinese Herbal Medicine Association

Calgary Haian Association

Calgary Vietnam Chinese Association

Canada Asia Assoc.

Canada China Bussinecs Association

Canada China Friendship Society of Edmonton

Canada Chinese Business Association.

Canada Chinese Business Development Association

Canada Rock Association

Canada Shanghai Fraternity Association

Canada United Hakka Association

Canada-China Business Association

Canada-China Friendship Society of Edmonton

Canada-China Society of Science and Tech

Canada-China Sport Club

Canadian Asia-Pacific Association of Industry & Commerce

Canadian Chinese Gao Deng Yuan Xiao Alumni Association

Canadian Ging Wu Kung-fu Martial Art Association

Canton Association

Chamber of Chinese Herbal Medicine of Canada

Chan Wing Chun Tung

Chao Chow Association of Ontario Canada

Chao Chow Community Benevolent Society

Chaozhou Association

Chau Luen Society of Vancouver

Chee Dack Gen Tong Society

Cheng Wing Yeong Tong

Chin Wing Chun Tong

Chin Wing Chun Tong Society of Canada

China Oversea's Student Association

China Qinghai Backhome Association

China Unification Promotion Council

Chinese Comm. Association of Ottawa

Chinese Alliance for Newcomers to Canada

Chinese Association of NFLD & LAB

Chinese Association of Montreal Inc.

Chinese Benevolent Association of Canada

Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver

Chinese Canadian Association of PEI

Chinese Canadian Friendship Association

Chinese Canadian Women Cooperation Council

Chinese Canadian Women's Friendship Association

Chinese Canadian Writers' Association

Chinese Catholic Community

Chinese Community Center of Ontario

Chinese Community Library Services Association

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

Chinese Culture Center of Greater Toronto

Chinese Dramatic Club of Edmonton

Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada

Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal

Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada

Chinese Free Masons

Chinese Free Wemen Society

Chinese Freemason Lodge

Chinese Freemasons

Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club

Chinese Freemasons of Toronto

Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta

Chinese Masonic Athletic

Chinese Nationalist League Edmonton Chapter

Chinese Penjing Society

Chinese Professional Women Of Canada

Chinese Professionals Association Of Canada

Chinese Restaurant Associations of Quebec

Chinese Senior Citizens' Association

Chinese Seniors Health And Recreation Association Of Ontario

Chinese Society of Nova Scotia

Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada

Chinese United Community Society of Lethbridge

Chinese Universities Alumni Association of Van.

Chinese Voluntere Association of Quebec

Chinese Welfare Association

Chiu Chow Ben. Association

Chiu Lon Association

Chiu's Clansmen Association of Eastern Canada

Chow's Society of Edmonton

Chung-Ai Photographic Society

Commercial Association of North America

Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations

Dart Coon Club

Deng Gao Mih Association Of Canada

Dok Sing School Alumni Association

Doo Ching County Club

Eastern Ont., Hoy Sun Association

Edmonton Beizing Opera

Edmonton Chao Chow Benevolent Association

Edmonton China Alliance for peace unity society

Edmonton China Town Neighborhood Society

Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Center

Edmonton Chinese Chess Association

Edmonton Chinese Engineers Society

Edmonton Chinese Garden Society

Edmonton Chinese Lions Club

Edmonton Chinese News

Edmonton Chinese Senior Lodge

Edmonton Chinese Senior Recreation Society

Edmonton Lee's Community Assoc.

Edmonton Vietnam Chinese Association

Eng Suey Sun Association

Eng Suey Sun Association of Ontario

Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals

Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham

Federation of Chinese Students & Professionals in Canada

Flying Tigers Athletic Association

Fong Leun Tong Society

Four Seas Holding Trading Rental

Friend's Club

Fui Toong On Society

Fujian Community Association of Canada

Fujian General Association of Canada

Fukienese Association of Calgary

Fukinese Association of Alberta

Fung Choy Cnoy School Alumni Association

Fuzhou Association

Fuzhou Association of Canada

Gee How Oak Tan Association

Gee How Oak Tin Association

Gee's Fraternai Society

Gee's Society of Edmonton

Goh Ballet Academy

Gold Age Center of China Town

Golden Phoenic Singing Club

Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Edmonton

Heshan Association of B.C.

Hllum Quong Yea Tung Society

Hoi Yin Association of Ontario

Hon Hsing Athletic Club

Hong Kong Merchants' Association of Canada

Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

Hoo Tow Society

Hoy Chou Society

Hoy Clansman Association

Hoy Ping Benevolent Association

Hoy Ping Middle School Alumni Association

Hoy Sun Association of Quebec

Hoy Sun High School Alumni Association of Canada

Hoy Sun High School Alumni Association

Hoy Yin Association of Canada

Huai Yin Association of Ontario

Hualian Seniors Mutual Aid Society

Hubei Association of Canada

Hum Yuea Yuen Tong

Hum's B.S.Asssociation

Hunan Chinese Association

Hung Fung Athletic Club

Hung Hsing-Choy Lee Fut Federation of Canada

Indochina Chinese Senior Citizens Association of Edmonton

Ing Suey Sun Tong Association

International Center

International Dragon Boat Festival Montreal

International Federation of Praying Mantis Martial Arts Organizations

Jiangsu Benevolent Association of Canada

Jiazhong Economy Trade And Culture Exchange Association

Jin Wah Sing Musical Association

Kai Ping Association

Ken Low's Shaolin Kung Fu Institute

Kin Fung Athletic Association

Ko Lui Benevolent Ass'on of Canada

Kong Chow Ben. Association of Canada

Kwan Lung Sai Tong

Kwanghai Society of Vancouver

Kwong Hoi Leun Hop Wai Association

Lam Si Ho Tong Society

Lao Chinese Association of Edmonton

Lee's Association of Montreal

Lee's Association of Vancouver

Lee's Athletic Society

Lee's Benevolent Association of Canada

Leung's Benavolent Association

Lew Mow Way Tong

Lim Sai Hor Kow Mock Ben. Association

Lorita Leung Chinese Dance Studio

Lower Mainland Independent Grocers Association

Lung Jen Ben. Association

Mah Athetic Club

Mah Benevolent Society

Mah Society of Canada

Mah Society of Ontario

Mah's Society of Edmonton

Man Shau Association

Manchuria Friendship Association

Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies

Manitoba China Times

Manitoba Chinese Language and Art Institute

Manitoba Great Wall Music Association

Manitoba Great Wall Music Association

Manitoba Musical Association

Manitoba Tribute

Medicine Hat Chinese Fellowship Association

Meizhou Hakka Society of Canada

Metro Toronto Chinese Golden Age Society

Ming Sun Benevolent Society

Montreal Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Montreal Chinese Community United Center

Montreal Chinese Presbyterian Church

Nam Yong Tong Association

National Congress of Chinese Canadians (Atlantic Reg. in Nova Scotia)

National Congress of Chinese Canadians (Quebec Region)

Ngai Lum Musical Society

North China Association

Ontario Chee Tuck Association

Ontario Chinese Restaurant Association

Ontario Federation of Chinese Martial Arts Organization

Ottawa Chinese Culture Academy

Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre

Ottawa Dongbei Association

Ottawa Lung Kong Association

Ottawa Mandarin School

Ottawa Senior Chinese Association

Oversea Chinese Recreational Athletic Association

Photographic Arts Society of Alberta

Pon Cultural Society of Alberta

Poon Yue Society

Quebec-Taiwan Business and Culture Association

Richmond Asia Pacific Business Association

Roc Veteran Association in Quebec

S. Yuen Tong


Sam Duck Society

Sam's Association

Shandong Natives Association

Shanghai Friendship Association of Canada

Shao Lin Hung Gar Kung Fu

Shar Doey Mutual Society

Shon Yee Athletic Div.

Shon Yee Ben. Association of Canada

Sichuan Association

Sino Can Business Council of Canada

Sino Can Medicine & Health Association

Sino-Alliance for Democratic Reform in Canada

Sino-Quebec Centre of South Shore

Soo Yuen Tong Seciety of Canada

Strathcona Chinese Dance Co.

Sun Bright Art Society

Sun Ling School Of Dance

Sun Wai Association

Taiwan Universities Alumni

Tam's Benevolent Association

Tea Chew Association of Manitoba

Tea Chew Association of Manitoba

Teo Chow Society of Vancouver

The Association of Lau Clansman of Canada

The Canadian Academy of Chinese Traditional Health Sciences

The Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society

The Chinese Immigrants Association of Ontario

The Chinese Lingual-Cultural Centre of Canada

The Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Assn

The Chionese Medicine And Acupuncture Association of Quebec, Canada

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden Society of Van.

The Hainan Association Of Ontario

The Hunan Fellow Association

The Native of Tol Shan Ben. Society

The TEO Chew Society of Vancouver, Canada

The Van. Chinese Freemasons

The Vancouver Dart Coon Club

Toi Shan Society of Alberta

Toronto Canadian Chinese Photographers Centre

Toronto Chinese Canadian Association

Toronto Chinese Freemasons

Toronto Flying Tiger Sport Association

Toronto Hongmen Daquan Club

Toronto Hongmen Sports Club

Toronto Hongmen Zhenhongsheng Opera Club

Tse Clansmen Association

Tsung Tsin Association of Ontario

Tung Koon Ben. Association of Canada

University of Toronto Association Of Chinese Students And Scholars.

Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society

Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association

Vancouver Chinese Elderly Citizen's Association

Vancouver Fujianese Friendship Association

Vancouver Tsung Tsin Association

Vietnam-Chinese Community Services Association

Vietnamese Cambodian Laotian Communtiy Services Association

Vietnamese Chinese Association

Vietnamese Chinese Association


Wang Ballet Academy

Western Canada Chinese Martial Arts Association

Winnipeg Chinatown Non profit Housing Corporation

Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre

Wong Ha Atnletic Association

Wong Kung Har Wun Sun Association of Ontario

Wongs Benevolent Association

Wong's Benevolent Association

Xi Bei Friendship Association

Yan's Fraternal Society

Yee Fung Toy Society of Montreal

Yee's Society

Yin Pin Benevolent Society of Canada

Yin Ping High School Alumini

Yue Shan Society

Yun Nan Fellows Association

Zhanjiang Benevolent Association of Canada

Zhanmao Benevolent Association General of Canada(Toronto)

Zhongshan Allied Association

Zhongshan Secondary Sch. Alumini Association







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